What Chicken Breeds Should I Get?

There are many chicken breeds that can be great for backyard chickens, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Here are a few popular breeds:

  1. Rhode Island Red – This breed is known for being hardy and adaptable, with good egg-laying abilities. They also have a calm and friendly temperament.
  2. Plymouth Rock – Another hardy breed, Plymouth Rocks are good egg-layers and have a docile personality.
  3. Sussex – This breed comes in a variety of colors, and is known for being a good all-around bird, with good egg-laying abilities and a calm disposition.
  4. Wyandotte – These birds are known for their beautiful feathers and friendly personalities. They are good egg-layers and are cold-hardy.
  5. Orpington – This breed is known for its large size and calm personality. They are good egg-layers and are cold-hardy.
  6. Australorp – This breed is known for its excellent egg-laying abilities, and is also a calm and friendly bird.
  7. Silkie – While not known for their egg-laying abilities, Silkies are popular for their unique appearance and docile personalities.

Remember to do your research and choose a breed that will work well for your climate, available space, and desired egg production.